Manufacturing Facility

Machine shop

Hystat Systems now has over 45000 sq ft of production floor at its disposal. Using a team of highly skilled engineers, a combination of state of the art three four and five axis CNC machines and conventional machines, Hystat is able to manufacture components in the most efficient method dependant on the complexity and batch size.

These machines are backed up by a CNC co-ordinate measuring machine (2m x 0.9m x 0.9m) and a three seat fully graphical computer programming system. Our lathes can turn in house from 1mm to 1200mm dia and up to 8000mm in length.

Our machining centres and Horizontal borers can handle prismatic parts up to 1.6m cube and 5 ton in weight.

Welding Department

Hystat has a full in-house welding department in which all welders are approved to EN ISO 15614-1 2004 and ASME IX.

Fitting Department